Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Diwali brunch at Zam Zam

Zam Zam, North Bridge Road

So we spent our first meal of Deepavali at Zam Zam (697-699 North Bridge Road).

Zam Zam, mutton murtabak

We've never been able to get past their mutton murtabak. The mince crusted texture and flavour sufficiently defined that I could eat this without gravy. One of the things that makes Zam Zam better than most if not all of the rest is that they don't get lazy with the onions. Those onions are diced small enough and sufficiently sweated to a pleasant sweetness. Something that I find most of the stalls making murtabaks never figured out for some reasons.

Zam Zam, mutton kurma

They've a nice creamy kurma on the menu too. A good rendition but definitely not the best around. The mutton was a dusky pink and fork tender.

Zam Zam, fish briyani

What do we have here?  A briyani it appears to be.

Zam Zam, fish briyani

Fish briyani. It's fried mackerel with a tangy gravy that's flavourful with onions and a moderate heat from the spices. There was much more of that gravy than there was enough rice to go around.

Zam Zam, teh tarik

Very little beats a milky sweet teh tarik to wash down all that food.

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