Thursday, July 30, 2020

CH叉R, Jalan Besar

Char, Jalan Besar

Some years back during the time when Ch叉r (363 Jalan Besar, tel : +65 68427759) started business, I was curious about the roasts they were doing. Never got to visit until a today after we were unsuccessfully trying to get to another shop. Then we stumbled upon them. Better late than never I suppose.

Their food ordering system felt out of place. There was no physical menu and we were asked to browse what they had via their website. We feedback to them that there are no prices indicated before they asked us to try using their delivery platform Oddle. Which Oddly didn't have everything on their regular menu.


Char, chicken salted fish fried rice

Not impressed by their chicken and salted fish fried rice. I'm not sure if I even registered salted fish in the flavour. Rice was also more greasy than I generally like. Needs a bit more salt or fish sauce or whatever it was. What saved this was their chilli which was refreshingly zesty.

Char, roast duck

Duck was dry. Funny thing was, even their delivery menu compared that dryness to the desert. Not really sure what was the point there. Unlike most Cantonese roast, these didn't seem to have fat underneath the skin. Meat was tender for some parts. Wasn't bad though.

Char, char siew roast pork

Ch叉r is known for the char siew. I had initially thought from pictures that I saw that it was the KL styled char siew but getting up close, these didn't look nor taste much like them. The dark exterior seemed to be more glaze than actual caramelization. Sweet and sticky with quite a bit of fat. Nice.

Char, roast pork

Roast pork was pretty good. The roast had a balanced proportion of layers between meat, fat and the crispy crackling. Didn't expect to taste rosemary in the meat though.

Char, kailan fermented bean curd sauce

Props to them for having the option of kailan stir fried with fermented bean curd for their vegetables. 

Char, Jalan Besar

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