Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Dim sum lunch at Spring Court

Spring Court (詠春园), Upper Cross Street

It seems that Spring Court has undergone renovation. The old school decor has been updated. I'm not sure exactly how but there seemed a lot more stone than before.

Spring Court (詠春园), har gow

Their har gow has skin thicker than what I generally prefer. Wouldn't rank it anywhere amongst the better ones we've had but it didn't taste bad.

Spring Court (詠春园), char siew bao

Liked their char siew bao. Just enjoyable on the whole with the sweet sauce-d char siew and thick fluffy buns.

Spring Court (詠春园), fu pei quin

Pretty skinny fu pei quin. Couldn't really tell what was wrapped in those beancurd skin. Most of the flavour came from the sauce. Not bad per se but not outstanding.

Spring Court (詠春园), lotus leaf glutinous rice

An okay rendition of glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf. Rice was soft. That aside, I think the ones from Ikea were better with more ingredients and flavour. No kidding.

Spring Court (詠春园), siew mai

Siew mai were also okay. Getting the pork and prawn flavours so I'm happy. At this point, you get the idea that their regular dim sum items are......okay. But YMMV.  

Spring Court (詠春园), tripe tendon briskets

I think the menu described this as beef innards. Tripe, tendon and brisket. Very delicious. Would have paired so well with rice. All the beef parts were suitably tender in a deep savoury broth. In fact, the briskets were more tender than most if not all of the Cantonese dim sum places I've been too. Not that I've been to that many.

Spring Court (詠春园), claypot lamb

We were impressed by the claypot lamb the last time so we decided why not one. Still as delicious. The meat was flavourfully fatty and unctuous. Yet to discover a better rendition of this.

Spring Court (詠春园), signature rolls

Gotta get their signature rolls made with salted egg yolk, crab and chicken liver. No one else makes these like they do because no one else makes these.

Spring Court (詠春园), vinegar pork trotters

I'm generally not big on vinegared pork trotters but I loved their take. The primary reason was the sweetness that I've never seen in other renditions and the lack of a strong ginger flavour. The sauce was reduced to a viscosity that it reminded me of balsamic vinegar. Didn't taste that far from that as well.

Spring Court (詠春园), poh piah

Today's poh piah was much more tasty than the last two times we were here. Hmmmm........

Spring Court (詠春园), prawn omelette hor fun

And we wrapped it up with a prawn and omelette hor fun. Nice wok hei flavour that was reminiscent of those that I had as a child. Sold by the nostalgic flavour.

Spring Court (詠春园), Upper Cross Street

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