Thursday, October 29, 2015

Some Asian rice dishes from Ikea's cafeteria

Ikea nasi lemak

So we have some familiarly Asian rice items on the menu at Ikea (this is the one at Alexandra Rd). A pretty decent nasi lemak which I had no complains over. For just $4 with all things considered, it was cheaper than most food court. Yes, that came with one of their chicken wings, an otah, a hard boiled egg as well as a very thick slice of cucumber. Big and thick. Sambal was kinda unique, never had one like that and while it bore some similarities with the generic sweet and spicy variety, it wasn’t the same thing.

We first discovered their lotus leaf glutinous rice a couple of years ago during the CNY period where it was on a limited run at the Tampines outlet. I wonder if these were outsourced from some factory. Anyways, we kinda liked it because the rice was soft and moist and there were ingredients like ginkgo nuts, lup cheong, chicken, salted egg yolk and mushroom. Not that it was unusual, but it’s cheaper than what one will be paying for from a restaurant

Ikea lotus leaf glutinous rice

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