Friday, October 30, 2015

Hong Boon famous Thai styled herbal duck noodle, Maxwell FC

I'm not an expert on Thai duck noodles so I don't know what exactly about these ones that make them Thai styled. The proprietor sounded local, looked a little frustrated, a little young and a shade too green for what he was doing. The stall (Stall 48, Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street) looked relatively new so if these guys were famous from elsewhere, I haven't heard about them before.

So was it good?  The mee kia according to the guy running the shop was imported from Thailand. I'm not sure if that meant anything in particular, but the noodles had pretty nice texture and the tender duck was infused with the herbal aroma from their braising sauce. What I thought could have been improved on was that the flavours for the noodles. It tasted bland and I'm not sure if the intention was so that we could eat them with the chilli sauce which you could help yourself to. One little saucer of it along with a few sprinkles of that dried chilli powder made for a lip searing experience. This was pretty much what saved the bowl.

The soup was....well, balanced for a lack of a better description. Flavours were pleasant and not overly strong. But it was also rather oily. Certainly not how I remembered these duck noodle broth. I wonder if it has occurred to the proprietors that trying to explain the slow service by claiming to be new to this industry is simply shooting oneself in the foot - or both feet, when you're trying to pretend that you're famous?

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