Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A slightly improved sandwich experience at Sacha & Sons

Remember that I had a theory on how the pastrami at Sacha & Sons didn't quite work out for me. Well, thanks to an affirmation that went in line with that theory, we decided to get their regular deli sandwich instead of the Reuben. So the meat doesn't go into the oven. Indeed the pastrami was more moist then those in the Reuben, but it still dried out pretty quickly. I liked this option better even though I still couldn't say that I'm a fan.

The roast beef with chopped liver on the other hand was quite enjoyable. The beef was tender, beefier tasting than the spiced up pastrami and had chopped liver to boot. I thought a little bit more salt would have been great. If I should ever return, perhaps I'll try getting sandwiches on rye that is not toasted. 

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