Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fill-a-Pita, China Square

If you're wondering, this shop (3 Pickering Street, China Square Central, #01-29 Nankin Row) is the very same Fill-a-Pita that was previously located at Shenton Way. It seems that they've just relocated last week and if you get there early enough, one can actually get seats with air conditioning - which was certainly an improvement over the old location. But this current shop doesn't come equipped with a fryer/grill so their current falafels are baked and halloumi cheese is off the menu. #sad


The food's still pretty much the same though. Those baked falafel were equally as delicious as the old ones and today, we tried a recommendation from them which was their fava bean pita with labna. Delicious stuff - but our labna sunk to the bottom of the pita instead of being spread out evenly. Not a problem really. I certainly hope they find a way to get the halloumi back on the menu though.

labna right at the bottom.....

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Unknown said...


Thanks for your third review and for tracking us down at our new shop house location.

Glad the baked falafel met with your approval. We have been experimenting with oven baked halloumi cheese and it's coming out very tasty.

We will reintroduce it - just give us a bit more time. That said - if you come early or late (i.e., non peak hour), we'll be glad to make it for you if you ask.

All very best,
Hassan (and the team at Fill-a-Pita)