Saturday, October 17, 2015

Islamic Restaurant, North Bridge Road

Islamic Restaurant, mutton beryani

I took notice of this shop (745 North Bridge Road, tel : +65 6298 7563) a long while ago after I happened by and have been wanting to visit. That never happened until today. So here's a look at their briyani. Their mutton beryani as they called it to be precise. The spices in the rice were aromatic but lightweight and their mutton seemed to be served in two different portions. One boned in meat and the other shredded. Served with crunchy cucumber achar on the side and no papadums.

Because I've just recently had the one at Yakader, I'll want to make comparisons. The rice here was was fully basmati and definitely wasn't as moist or flavoured as the one from Yakader. In fact, the mutton was a lot more moist and tender at Yakader as well. As much as things sounded in favour for Yakader, I personally found this one at Islamic Restaurant enjoyable in a different manner. One can see that their styles/recipes are different. I wanted to say that this tasted more Middle Eastern, but I do not know if that was true.

Islamic Restaurant, ice ginger milk

And to wash down all that spice, rice and mutton - some iced ginger milk. There was even a little heat from the ginger that they used.

Islamic Restaurant, North Bridge Road

I read that Islamic Restaurant have been around for quite a while. A while like for almost a century kind of while. Another one of those which I hadn't taken note of until recent years. 

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