Friday, July 31, 2020

Selera Restaurant, Mackenzie Road

Selera Restaurant, Mackenzie Road

Was brought here (15 Mackenzie Road) by an old buddy who felt like duck rice. Halal one that is. I don't remember having eaten here before but I think I might have heard people in the past mention their curry puffs. Which we didn't get any of today.

Selera Restaurant, chicken duck

Here's a serving for of mixed duck and chicken. Roasted - or fried if you wanted to be more accurate. Looked very rustic and didn't taste bad at all. Meat was reasonably tender. The duck skin was a little tough at parts, but the fried taste made up for it.


Obligatory fibre in the form of stir fried mixed vegetables which came with bits of squid, fish and prawns. Slices of fishcake too. A little gingery but I kinda liked it.

Selera Restaurant, chicken rice

Here be the rice. Very generic and weak flavoured chicken rice but their limey chilli made up for it.

Selera Restaurant, Mackenzie Road

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