Saturday, August 01, 2020

Revisiting Niku Kappo

Niku Kappo, ION Orchard

It was over three years ago when we first visited Niku Kappo. Today, over three years later, the menu didn't look like it had changed much if at all. This visit today was driven by their niku sushi. I wanted to get some.

Niku Kappo, egg foie gras

We also ordered a bunch of stuff to try that we never got to the previous time round. Like this ajitama foie gras dish which was served with foie gras that was cold and hard. We ended up pan frying the foie ourselves later.

Niku Kappo, mentaiko potato salad

Along the way to the niku sushi, we also made short work of their aburi mentaiko potato salad. Mentaiko which added umami to the creamy potato salad while the onions cut them through with sharpness. This was better than I had imagined.

Niku Kappo, wagyu tsukune

Pleasantly surprised by the beefiness of their wagyu tsukune. Both the cheese filled one and the negi shio topped stick were delicious in their own ways. 

Niku Kappo, truffle cheese udon

Truffle cheese udon was better tasting than I had expected. With the cheese, egg sauce and black pepper, this was more carbonara than most carbonara around. Note to self : this should be shared to avoid surfeit from the richness.

Niku Kappo, niku sushi wagyu uni gunkan
Niku Kappo, niku sushi wagyu rossini
Niku Kappo, niku sushi wagyu tataki

We were actually disappointed when we finally got to the niku sushi. The slices of beef were too thick and chewy. Couldn't even swallow some of them. Ended up a la plancha-ing the rest. Tasted loads better after searing them on the hot pan.

Niku Kappo, gyutan

If anyone had been wondering about the pan frying of the foie gras and the beef from the niku sushi - we had a hot plate from an order of gyutan. Gyutan was fatty and tender and good after a short sear with either the negi shio or a dip of shoyu

Niku Kappo, ION Orchard

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