Monday, August 03, 2020

Aoki 13 years after the first

Aoki, Kunio Aoki

It has been 13 years since I discovered and visited Aoki for the first time. In those 13 years, I've never gotten past lunch because...well, it's Aoki. Kinda expensive. And it's always easy to just fall back onto their mazechirashi. Not today though.

Aoki, Shaw Centre

First time we had gotten counter seats. It has a great view for the busy hands and sharp knives at work behind the counter.

Aoki, otoshi

Otoshi was simmered vegetables. The sweet type with mushroom, lotus roots, carrots and konnyaku.

Aoki, salad

The salad has ice plant. Very crisp. Tomatoes were really sweet. Their salad has blown other restaurant's lunch salads out of the water. 

Aoki, tekka don

First time ordering their tekka don. Goma dare tekka don. With sesame dressing and handful of chopped mitsuba. Best tekka don I've had. Just imagine shoyu marinated akami in goma dressing coated in molten yolk from the onsen tamago.

Aoki, tsukemono

Tsukemono was pretty. I like that pinky crisp pickle marinated in something that gave it a shiso flavour. 

Aoki, mystery

What do we have here?

Aoki, black truffle chawanmushi

Black truffle chawanmushi. Piping hot, savoury and so damn good.

Aoki, sweet tamago

We saw them making the sweet tamago with the caramelized sugar top so we ordered some. Nice!

Aoki, dessert

Dessert was sweet edamame mochi, matcha monaka and umeshu jelly.


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