Sunday, August 16, 2020

Pray go

Prego, bread

It's been about 13 years since we were last at Prego. In retrospect, this dinner reminded us why we never came back. This time, I think the lesson will stick.

Prego, cheese

There was something called candied orange Gorgonzola. I didn't know what it was but it looked like Gorgonzola that was ripened with orange. If it was truly such a thing. Sounded fun. Anyways, there wasn't much orange and they tasted salty for something that was supposedly candied. #wtf We requested for honey and extra crackers which they obliged. Very nice with the honey.

Prego, risotto

Green risotto. Pea flavoured I think with spinach and asparagus. Pink things were smoked tuna. The rice was subtly sweet - to put it euphemistically. We asked for Parmesan cheese, a few healthy twists of black pepper from the mill and then dumped the rest of the candied orange Gorgonzola into the rice and it became quite delicious.

Prego, ribeye

Got suckered into ordering their ribeye because there was an option for a sauce of Gorgonzola and veal jus. Not much Gorgonzola flavour in the sauce but it didn't taste bad. 

Regretted immediately when I saw the steak. Didn't look much like ribeye. Meat felt flaccid and lacked char. Was thinking it would be with just salt and pepper but it was scented with rosemary and some other herby stuff to mask the fact that the steak was bland and cheap tasting. Pretty shocked at the standards. Aston makes better at about a third of what this place charges.

Prego, sinewy steak

Did I mention the meat was sinewy?

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