Saturday, August 15, 2020

Trying dinakdakan

Lutong Pinoy, dinakdakan

We came across dinakdakan the last time we were here at Asian Food Mall. They're apparently another porcine dish that could be made with pig's ear and face folded in with mayonnaise, lime, onions, vinegar and chilli. And other stuff. We came to try them. Noticed that there were a couple of stalls that were selling these. The one above is from Lutong Pinoy (#B1-16 Lucky Plaza). Creamy and a little greasy in a good way. Yeap, that's a longganisa on the side as well. I like the chicken-y tamarind soup that came with their rice plate. 

Chick Point, dinakdakan

This one is from Chick Point a couple of stalls away. I got their dinakdakan with some lechon paksiw. Their rendition of the dinakdakan tasted a little gingery and had more heat coming from the slice chillis but was otherwise pretty similar to Lutong Pinoy. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of ginger in savoury food so no prizes for guessing which one I'm going with the next time I'm here. Say, don't these things taste like the non hotplate version of the sisig at Max's. The soup here didn't have any chicken flavour. 

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