Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Radish cake from Heng Heng Cooked Food

Heng Heng Cooked Food, white radish cake

Got some chai tau kuey to go for breakfast from Heng Keng (#01-72 Beo Cresecent Food Centre, 38A Beo Crescent). To get the better of the illusion of choice, we usually order both the black and the white ones. Extra eggs and chai por too.

Heng Heng Cooked Food, black radish cake

The white radish cake is generally savoury. The black one is more smoky sweet than savoury because of the dark soy sauce and has a creamier texture because of the moisture. While I generally like it more caramelized and dry, this wasn't bad at all.

Heng Heng Cooked Food, Beo Crescent Food Centre

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