Monday, August 24, 2020

Lolla this year

Lolla, Ann Siang

It's been a while. Everytime we come here to eat, it seems to be more expensive. Or we're paying for more food. Or both. But so far, we've always walked away happy.


Tonight was the first time we've been seated in their pretty dungeon in the basement. The past two visits have always been at the counter.

Lolla, burrata grilled soursop

From the specials - burrata with grilled soursop. I liked it. The grilled soursop with all its sweet tanginess took the place of what might have normally been balsamic vinegar. And it worked.

Lolla, squid ink pudding uni

We've always liked their squid ink pudding with uni. It's a little more chilled than what we remember today. More chilled means less wobbly and flavour is also less pronounced. When life gives you overly chilled squid ink pudding, just wait it out for a bit.

Lolla, Patagonian prawn tartare

Patagonian prawn tartare - nice sweet prawns. The green stuff in the middle was a dill something and those strips were preserved orange peel. The latter tasted like Chinese preserved plums.

Lolla, crab lasagna

That's their steamed crab lasagna. Lasagna with Hokkaido scallop mousse (I thought it was egg white) and chunky crab meat in between along with some lemony butter sauce. This was so good. Lots of chunky crab. There was an almost delicate but very present crustacean flavour.

Lolla, rack of lamb

Very nicely done rack of lamb. No nonsense marinate to the meat, just salt and pepper like I like it. The brown stuff tasted like some jus reduction. The blob was parsnip puree. Think it had cream and vanilla in it. Loved it.

Lolla, duck fat potatoes

Some crusty duck fat fried potatoes.

Lolla, steamed chocolate pudding

And then we chocolated ourselves out with their steamed chocolate pudding. Rich stuff.

Lolla, Ann Siang

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