Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Miz Japanese Restaurant, Kampong Bahru Road

Miz Japanese Restaurant, Kampong Bahru Road

Miz (17 Kampong Bahru Road, tel : +65 6225 5761) is a hole-in-the-wall-ish Japanese shophouse eatery I was introduced to a year ago. Didn't take any photos then so here's some from a recent revisit. 

The restaurant serves a variety of commonly seen Japanese food here and function somewhat like a diner/izakaya minus the kushiyaki. Minus frills to so one can also understand why their food and beer is very affordable.

Miz Japanese Restaurant, aburi otoro

They had some aburi otoro on the cheap(er). Not bad actually but I totally didn't understand why they had to include minced ginger on top.  

Miz Japanese Restaurant, surume tempura

Miz has surume tempura. If you didn't already know, surume is a Japanese dried marinated squid/cuttlefish snack. It's salted and also sweet from sugars that are added in the preparation. These are tempura-ed versions of them. Enjoyed chewing on these.

Miz Japanese Restaurant, sashimi
Miz Japanese Restaurant, sashimi
Miz Japanese Restaurant, sashimi
Miz Japanese Restaurant, amaebi
Miz Japanese Restaurant, amaebi

Sashimi was not fancy but pretty decent quality. Maguro's not that great but salmon was better than I had imagined. The hamachi came in thick slices. If I had to critique, the hotate were to thinly sliced. The restaurant even agreed to fry the heads of the amaebi for us.

Miz Japanese Restaurant, tamago

Sweet tamago

Miz Japanese Restaurant, mentaiko mushrooms

Their mentaiko mushrooms were yummy. Portobello caps filled with mentaiko mayo that were grilled/broiled. Juicy and umami.

Miz Japanese Restaurant, natto maki

I've gotten cosier with natto in recent times so that's a natto maki there. I think that was vinegared rice they were using in that maki.

Miz Japanese Restaurant, garlic butter udon

Garlic butter udon was kinda nice. The chewy noodles were chilled and the garlic flavour was pretty well moderated.

Miz Japanese Restaurant, curry udon

Wouldn't recommend the curry udon though. Curry's thin. Improved to the point where I found it addictive as a drinkable broth after adding shichimi but I still don't think it made a good curry udon.

Miz Japanese Restaurant, teriyaki chicken

Teriyaki chicken was surprisingly tasty. Chicken was the frozen variety and the sauce was very generic teriyaki if you catch my drift - but it wasn't bad.

Miz Japanese Restaurant, shishamo

I like their shishamo. They don't look very fat but they were filled with eggs. The fish was also well salted. Had seconds

Miz Japanese Restaurant, squid

Grilled teriyaki squid was a little chewy and for some reasons, a little gingery too. Meat was a little chewy. Didn't enjoy it as much as the chicken.

Miz Japanese Restaurant, hamachi collar

That's hamachi kama. It's not bad per se but we've definitely had better.

Miz Japanese Restaurant, Sapporo

Beer's $5 a mug during happy hours. Sapporo on tap or Orion from bottle.

Miz Japanese Restaurant, Kampong Bahru Road

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