Saturday, August 22, 2020

Ru Ji Kitchen (如記小厨) (the one next door)

Ru Ji Kitchen (如記小厨), bak chor mee

That's right, this was the stall next door (#02-29 Holland Drive Market & Food Centre, 44 Holland Drive) from the Ru Ji that sells fishball noodles. This one sells ba chor mee. It tasted very similar to the mee pok from the fishball noodle stall. Apart from the mushrooms, minced pork and vinegar, it might have been the same. 

Ru Ji Kitchen (如記小厨), fishball meatball soup

There was something else that seemed missing. Can't put a finger to what that might have been but I think I like the fishball noodles better.

Ru Ji Kitchen (如記小厨), Holland Drive Food Centre

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