Friday, August 14, 2020

Putien, Great World

Putien, Great World

I hadn't realized that Putien has a new restaurant at Great World (#02-149, 1 Kim Seng Promenade) until recently when we stumbled upon it. Between the Michelin starred flagship at Kitchener Road, Raffles City and Marina Square, this one has got the best service yet.

Putien, bayberry tea

Got a refreshing bayberry tea. The bayberries are also encased in the ice cubes. 

Putien, pig intestines

Ordered some of the stuff we knew we enjoyed from them. Like their braised pig intestines.

Putien, Heng Hwa bee hoon

And their well received Heng Hwa bee hoon. The prawns here were noticeably sweet. Then again, I might not have noticed previously because I tend to drench the noodles with a generous portion of their delicious lime-y chilli sauce.

Putien, yam

One of our guilty pleasures from Putien is their stir fried yam. Yam cubes stir fried with fish sauce and sugar. Both of which are caramelized into a crisp shell of savoury sweetness encasing piping hot yam. We've been guilty in the past of shovelling these into our faces even when we were stuffed.

Putien, herbal jelly

Loquat in herbal jelly for dessert. Strange I remember this being citrusy in the past when it wasn't today.


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