Friday, December 28, 2007

A second take at Prego

The last time I was here was my first time with an ossobuco wannabe with a very cheesy saffron risotto. This time round, it's pasta. I thought it might be interesting to see what they have up their sleeves. Apparently, there was just a very recent change in the menu.

The one thing I liked about Prego was their wheel of complimentary bread that they served. It has always been the same bread that Prego has been putting on the table ever since I could recall. 


calamari fritti

These calamari from were probably the most expensive ones I've ever had. For $28, it was unremarkable with an almost tasteless batter. The saving graces of this starter came from the squid which had a enjoyable bite and the "spicy tartare dressing" which livened up the fried squid. I didn't think they were worth how much was charged.

spinach gnocchi stuffed with prawn topped with minced crab meat on a crustacean bisque

The gnocchi's tasted Asian. Maybe it's just me, but it had consistency like Chinese yam cake and the pasta looked slip shod. The gnocchi looked like it had meat rolled into them in tubes before they were cut. There weren't scored after they were cut. Was reminded of the fallopian tubes from kuey chup stalls. The taste of the crustacean bisque reminded me spicy dried shrimps (hay bee!). The minced crab meat definitely didn't taste sweet like fresh ones did. Even for pasta made in house, these were the most un-gnocchi like gnocchi I've ever had. Not impressed.

pappardelle della befana
saffron pappardelle tossed with sauteed pancetta and eggplant aglio with provolone piccante cheese

The pappardelle was the better of the two pastas that we picked. This one was something that was from the festive selections on their menu. Didn't know what was so festive about it. In fact, the kitchen could come up with something like this anytime for a change of menu, but I'm not going there. There was just the barest hint of saffron in the pappardelle. Most of the rest of the flavour came from the tangy tomato based sauce and the Provolone piccante.


To demystify, this was just a Kahlua flavored ice cream with a cookie crumble shell. Was actually not too bad.

I don't think I'll be returning for at least for a long while.


Anonymous said...

I donch think they ever gave us complimentary bread .. at all. when i go to Prego..!! and the music was just too, too loud.. for my liking.. :(

Unknown said...

Why use the word "complimentary" ? Europeans always have bread before food ! Even here in Canada which is heavily european influnced.. In my restaurant, we serve our breads with garlic confit, balsamic reduction, roasted chilies and sea salt !

LiquidShaDow said...

I guess it's a by product of being a local here. Not all restaurants do that. But the point is noted.

red fir said...

I think you can cut them some slack here. Prego has one of the most comprehensive Italian regional promotions year round. Of which the Silician promo is worth checking out.