Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lai Lai again!

lu rou fan
No surprise I found myself heading back for late evening grub again since the last visit left us with a favourable impression. We ordered almost exactly the same today. The tasty lu rou fan, braised intestines and their signature beef noodles. In this second run in with their lu rou fan, I managed to eat them slowly enough to notice that the gravy contained minced pork besides the braised pork belly. To digress out of the blue at this point, we've also noticed that there is a shop by the name of Taiwan Delights along Bugis next to the entrance of Liang Seah Street that is doing similar Taiwanese food. I'll probably check them out when I'm next in the vicinity.

We opted for the potato noodle option for their beef noodles. They appeared similar to what I thought were glass noodles. Rather "Q" to coin a Taiwanese term, which meant that they were springy in consistency. The texture was smooth and coupled with the chewiness, reminded me that crab tang hoon in Geylang. Pretty easy to slurp without even actually chewing which I though was fun.