Monday, December 31, 2007

Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro, 34 Greenwood Ave

I found this shop to be a rather pleasant place nestled in the folds of homes along Hillcrest just off Bukit Timah road. Which also meant that the shophouses it is located at isn't visible at all from the main road. Greenwood Fish Market is really, a tiny fish market with a dining dining room built into the back of the stall which sells fresh seafood. Right at the front of the fish shop, is a small al fresco area which sits approximately 15 persons. Presumably, the seafood that the restaurant serves are the same seafood that is sold at the stall front and the menu has a surprising variety for a small place. There were a variety of fishes like yellowfin tuna, barramunda, cod, halibut and a bunch of others which I don't remember. Most of them could be cooked to order based on availability.

The food here was interesting, if not so mundane in execution. What I meant was that while not exotic, it was served in a not so commonly seen (you could say boring) manner. The foie gras and sea scallop ($24.95) were on top of a bread pudding soaked in a port and fig reduction. It came with a small bunch of vine ripen cherry tomatoes and a piece of grilled pineapple on the side. Well, I'm not sure about how this is suppose to be interpreted, but I did enjoy both scallops and foie gras. There's nothing exceptional here, both the liver and the shellfish come as I had expected, so this is actually not bad. It's my first time having them on bread pudding though.

The escargots ($14.95 for half dozen) here weren't drench in garlic butter or olive oil or any of that oil and garlic combinations. It was actually served in what the menu describes as a 'patty case' which was in reality a kueh pie tee shell. So we got here were snails in a kueh pie tee shell blanketed over with a bechamel sauce and topped with a very fine garlic paste and then dizzled with some balsamic vinegar. I thought this wasn't too bad, just unexpected because I had expected escargots to be just served plain. I was initially wondering if something was wrong with the snails to be so covered up in sauces and condiments, but after having the first, I realised that the meat doesn't taste as drenched in the other flavours as I had thought they might have. They were actually fine.

The crab meat vongole was pretty decent. This coming from someone who's usually wary of vongole because of either the miserable portions or lousy quality of clams that are used very often. Or both. This plate from Greenwood was actually vongole that's topped with shredded crab meat. What's more, the spaghetti was al dente. I think I would like liked it better if the crab meat weren't so shredded. This shredded state reminded me of leftovers from other crab dishes, but I'm not complaining. I was just stating a suggestion that might by chance be enacted upon. Lol. The clams here weren't too bad and it was good to know that this plate wasn't propped up with just shells. I don't know why,  I was envisioning a plate filled with crab shells when I ordered this pasta.

I have a feeling that I'll be back another time. I ought to check out their fish and chips.


Anonymous said...

you ought to check out their fish & chips, i felt it was one of the better ones around.

I went there a while ago, check it out here

Anonymous said...

Hey there, been reading your blog for a while. But anyways, since you seem to be checking out the greenwood/hillcrest area, do check out pepperoni's for their vongole... personally think its one of the better ones around. you could do a post on it too. :) cheers.

LiquidShaDow said...

@ ladyironchef
Will try them someday. I'd have to walk in and just ask for fish and chips and then leave because if I look at the menu again, I'll be distracted and order something else. Lol

@ victor
I'll look out for that if I do drop by pepperoni's. I noticed the place when I was at Greenwood and was wondering if they were good.

Anonymous said...

ps: they have a very good (caveat: according to my tastebuds!) rocket salad pizza with parma ham too.

MystiKaL said...

I always drive bye for their takeaway fish and chips.. its like less then 20 bucks.. no sure if the offer is still on tho.. I end up finishing it all up in the car right outside the rest.. The fish they use also is kinda random..

There is also this pizza place around the corner of greenwood.. next to this little bar thinghy which serves ALOT of belgian beer.. Had my first KWAK and Chimay over there.. Their salmon and caper pizza is really good.. It might be that pepperoni place victor's talking about..

You going to do a take on the Wild Rockets burger joint soon? i Heard there's actually beer pairing!

MystiKaL said...

typo.. the fish takeaway fish and chips is like less then 10 bucks..

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey MystiKaL , I do have intentions to visit Relish, but I don't know when though.