Sunday, December 02, 2007

Borgo, Bukit Timah

Did I say that I liked this place? This probably means that at some time in the future, I'd like to come back again because the food's pretty good. Well maybe there was just a little thing about the difficulty in getting the attention of the wait staff when the restaurant was crowded. Borgo (789 Bukit Timah Road) embodies a character of Italian food that I admire. A character which is starting to creep into scarcity. Good old fashioned heartiness. The prices here are "atypical" of most decent Italian restaurants here. No painfully kind to the wallet but a fair amount to pay for and reasonable for what you get. I hear that this place does excellent pizza too but I've not had the opportunity to try them. This first visit was promising and boded well for re-visits.

The bread here was quite a bore. Understandably, that wouldn't be the only yardstick to measure the restaurant.

Scamorza Dello Chef

Scamorza cheese - had a chewy texture like mozzarella. The ones here are the smoked variety and hence tasted like a smokey mozzarella. The scamoza dello chef was essentially baked scamorza topped with sauteed mushrooms and chopped.....well, greens. What it was, was a flavour bomb of smoke, salty milkiness and mushroom. I thought this was pretty good.

Gnocchi with pumpkin sauce

The gnocchi here looked hand made. The sizes weren't consistent. These soft potato and flour nuggets were coated with a thick sweet pumpkin sauce. They also appeared pretty small compared to previous ones that I've had. I liked it with the shaven cheese and bits of bacon that created a contrast from the sweetness. Does anyone think that those look like corn kernels?

Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

This steak was nice. At $58, it was a hefty 700g serving with a side of sliced roasted potatoes. And some salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Didn't really think so much of the rosemary which tends to be a little overwhelming but the meat was pretty good. The striploin side was noticeably more chewy than the tenderloin section which I personally preferred. I had thought that the striploins were suppose to be more flavourful but the differences between that and the tenderloin was barely discernible to me. Steak was done medium rare with a nice char on the exterior. I thought this to be pretty good even if it didn't quite score well with juiciness.

Lava cake

I had originally thought this to be one of those ubiquitous molten chocolate cakes that everyone out there is doing. It turned out to be a little different. And a little gimmicky. Cake gets doused with Grand Marnier and is then flambéed on the table. The aftermath left a soft, warm and rich creamy cake...... that had a surprisingly weak chocolate flavour. That, I did not expect. I was hoping for a full bodied chocolate thingy, this didn't do it for me.


D said...

Thanks for the comment.
Borgo? Oh.. I actually went there once but didn't review it. I sort of know the owner, did you see her there? Some people think she's rather good looking but then again, beauty is subjective aye?
Nice to see you're still going strong in the SG.
Cheers mate!

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey D,

Thanks for dropping in. Well, I didn't take any particular note of any lady that might look like the owner. The food here's not bad. Will probably come back again in the future.