Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Of fast food, chilli fries and Carl's Jr

Just wondering out loud if there is another place that does and equivalent or better chilli fries than Carl's Jr. The ones from KFC aren't really to my liking. I understand that Botak Jones does something similar, but I'm pretty much against the over fried crinkle cut fries which really makes them no fun to eat and it makes me feel that I'm killing myself with something that doesn't taste as good. Though I'm essentially not big at all on fast food, these usually chained outlets are definitely ubiquitous enough to the point that they are probably on most people's consideration list when one does not have time to spare and really need a quick meal. And apart from this place that still serves the best (and most expensive) fast food burgers since they've opened up here, there doesn't seem to be any better player in the horizon. The portabello burger definitely beats the mushroom swiss at BK. Speaking of burgers in this place, the chilli cheese burger could definitely do with more sauces. The mix is pretty decent, it's the quantity that could improve. That being said, it'll probably make eating them a messier affair.

So, good chilli fries anywhere anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hey.. You can try the Chilli Cheese Fries from Super Dog @ Vivo City.. Is super good.. The fries are fresh and thick.. Read from a mag that their fries are coated with a layer of cheese as well.. As the name of the shop suggest.. Is a place for Hot Dog buns too.. You can try their Super Chilli Cheese Dog or Chicken Ripper.. =)

LiquidShaDow said...

Thanks, I'll take a look at Superdog the next time I happen to be in Vivo.