Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Botak Jones, visita Numero Dos

And that was the the queue at 6.18p.m. today at the Kopitiam located at Block 325 of Clementi Ave 5. To beat the dinner crowd, you'd have to be earlier than that if you don't wish to endure their peak hour waiting time. Judging from the crowd it would seem too like the outlet at Ang Mo Kio, Botak takes most of the business of the coffee shop throughout the evening employing as many staff to manage their hungry queue and tables. And after months of buzz, complaints and attention by the media, this place attracts a healthy pull of customers. There has got to be something about their food that buys over the hearts (or stomaches) of so many people. Novelty?

I mentioned previously that I would be returning to try something from them again. So here's me at the Clementi outlet getting that Cajun Chicken that I only managed to get a mouthful of the last time round. For a moment, I was worried that it would be a letdown from a month and a half's built up expectations, but I'm pretty glad that it didn't disappoint. I had too mentioned before that this one beats the shit out of the one at e.BlackBoard in terms of taste. There may be personal preferences involved, but I still maintain my stand that this place wins hands down. In any situation. For one thing, this one doesn't have that cheap herbed flavour which I thought didn't suit the chicken and really made whomever cooking look like they was trying too hard to make the dish appear to taste exotic.

The Cajun Chicken here is probably the best grilled chicken there is around for the price. At $6.90, I haven't had or seen anything else that beats this. Today, the fries were a bit disappointing. Dried and over fried. As I bit onto them, the thoughts of MSG came recurringly in my mind. Apart from this letdown, the chicken came as good as I remembered which is really a pleasant surprise. It was mentioned that the chicken is probably made of more than a piece of compressed breast meat since chicken breast meat doesn't usually come such thickness and the middle section really split apart with ease. It was also quite tender for chicken breast.

I managed to get a shot of the juice oozing out of the hole left by placeholder stick on the Botak burgers. Look it.

And that below, is the Fish Burger with Chez. Whatever Chez is.

A rogue!!!

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