Monday, December 31, 2007

Some random home made hotdog

Looks and tastes much better than the hot bitches! These are pork sausages encased in butter toasted hot dog buns topped with mustard, jarred relish and yellow onions sautéed in butter. Everything can be pretty much bought off supermarkets and assembled except for the onions which have to be diced and fried.



HairyBerry said...

no gherkins? that's the one quintessential ingredient for my hot! happy new year, dude!

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey Nic,

Happy New Year to you!

Well, there are gherkins, just not big ones. There're actually small diced ones in the relish. I was actually looking for the sliced ones at Cold Storage but strangely couldn't find any, so I settled for the jarred mix.

Anonymous said...

looks nice
maybe tml morning I'll get teh ingredients from NTUC cos tats teh onli supermarket near my house =D