Monday, December 24, 2007

Teh Tarik ice cream from Island Creamery and tigers

I dropped by Island Creamery (Serene Centre, 10 Jln Serene #01-05) recently and tried a couple of their flavours. That teh tarik ice cream was pretty good that I bought 2 tubs home. I thought it wasn't excessively sweet and had enough of the tea flavour to be enjoyable.

If you happen to be the owner and reading this, the Tiger Sorbet was mildly interesting too. However, the tigeresses that you employ behave as if they peaked with PMS and badly need a dosage of discipline. Since when has selling nice ice cream become an excuse for bad attitude and obvious display of lackadasical behaviour. One of them informed me that the dry ice packing that could keep the ice cream cold for an hour and a half while another that did the actual packing said 45 minutes and insisted that she was correct about the duration. I had to ask the first other lady again to confirm and both of them looked like they weren't in agreement. Seriously, I needed the ice and what's with not wanting to ask and not providing ice and still arguing with the customer about the duration of the cold packing?


Ms One Boobie said...

Oh.. oh.. someone is in trouble.. ;)

Anonymous said...

hey! if u want good service and excellent ice-cream, go tom's palette!!! the owner eunice & her staff literally feeds you with ice-cream of every flavor available!& their Ed's Tea rocks the world! :)

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi ice,
I'm not exactly looking for excellent service in an ice cream place, but those people were simply impolite.

Anonymous said...

then u should really go tom's palette!coz the people there are real friendly!they even tell you to try everything and 'it's ok if you don't buy any!!'