Sunday, December 16, 2007

Half time at the Japanese Food Festival with the sabazushi

The Japanese Food Festival at Isetan Scotts this time round seems to be smaller in scale in terms of what is available but it still is attracting its usual crowd. I grabbed a box of sabazushi for a snack before bracing myself to head back into the crowd to check out the other offerings. The sabazushi is apparently a salted and vinegar marinated slab of mackerel fillet over a roll of vinegared rice. Both the mackerel and the rice are pressed into a bar shaped roll of sorts and then sliced. The slices were pretty thick and this stuff is very enjoyable. The taste of the fish is fatty, atypical of mackerel and each slice of the fish is accompanied by a thick wad of sticky comforting rice. What makes it appetizing is obviously the vinegar which really helps and makes you want to wolf more of them down. If you're considering this, the fair ends on Monday, 17th December. I'm probably going to be down to pick up more of this before it ends.

I also decided to pick up a white bean wafer which they called Yoshifuku Monaka for $3.30 a piece which turned out to be quite unimpressive. My decision to try the wafers was due to the fact that it was a white bean rather than the usual red bean variety. In the end, the taste of the custard-like bean filling was merely sweet without much of an aroma. I wonder if it's because of the sabazushi that I ate before.


Ms One Boobie said...

I really missed those Japanese Fairs in the malls.

Eld said...

Wow our comments about the sabazushi are remarkably similar :)

LiquidShaDow said...

Dr. Google is my friend.