Friday, December 07, 2007

Vittles, Sembawang Cottage

I first visited this place (369 Sembawang Road, #01-05 Sembawang Cottage) some time back for their Moo Moo Burger. Came back for dinner just to check out other things on the menu. Even though after that first visit, I didn't think much of them.

In retrospect, my feelings about Vittles hasn't changed. Have mixed feelings about them. I'm thinking that I probably wouldn't come back.

I ordered the pistachio herb crusted lamb rack. Looked impressive. Left me unsatisfied. A few things come to mind. Firstly it was quite difficult to eat with a fork and knife. Meat didn't come off the bone easily and they didn't have the correct the knife for it

The crust of the lamb was mostly breadcrumbs. I thought "pistachio herb crusted" was misleading. Didn't taste any pistachios or herbs.

The meat was well done for most parts. Doneness was somewhat inconsistent. I ended up having to use my hands after sawing between the ribs which made it messy. Not impressed.

I initially thought the Emperor Oriental Chix Salad to be gimmicky but I ended up liking it. The salad was filled with crackers, bits of lettuce, strips of radishes and carrots with ground peanuts. It was served chilled with plum sauce. The only gripe I had was the description from the menu which mentioned 'succulent chix breast'. It's just shreds of chicken meat and the portions were pathetic.

Calamari was run of the mill and chewier than I like them. Just plain old breaded calamari.

In spite of the way it looked drenched in that boring looking brown sauce, their ribeye actually turned out to be better than I had imagined. They managed to do a proper medium rare. The brown sauce according to the menu was a red wine sauce. Not bad tasting. For what they charged, this could give Aston's a run for their money. Wouldn't mind eating this if I came back but from the way things look, I don't think I'm likely to.

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