Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ah Chew's Desserts, Liang Seah Street

So far, I have been here twice in the span of a few days. I noticed that this shop (1 Liang Seah Street, 01-11) stays crowded well past 10pm. There's a bunch of Cantonese desserts including some variants which I have not seen elsewhere like green bean soup with seaweeds and steamed milk egg with hashima. Those options, no doubt piqued my interest at Ah Chew's.

I've also found a new favourite. It's papaya boiled in fresh milk and these things tasted pretty awesome served hot. The fruit was boiled in the milk to the point that they are soft and basically breaks apart easily in the mouth, allwith the nice aroma of hot milk. I had expected their steamed milk egg to with red beans to contain the beans within the steamed egg itself, but apparently, the beans are just heaped on top of the eggs. It wasn't too bad, but the red beans didn't taste as good as azuki beans. The coffee flavored steamed milk eggs was a first for me too and surprising the coffee flavour weren't as weak as I had expected. There was enough of it to mask the egginess in the pudding. I've a feeling that I'll be back again.

Hawaiian papaya boiled in fresh milk

steamed milk egg with red bean

coffee flavored steamed milk egg