Saturday, July 11, 2020

South Union Park, Jalan Kembangan

I've seen a number of social media posts of the food from South Union Park (101 Jalan Kembangan) so we decided to come down to check them out. The pictures did look promising.

Nursed a couple of their fruity slushy drinks while waiting for the food and.....

.....enjoying the view of the erm.....rosemary outside the window?

This was their squid ink bone marrow. Squid ink soffritto, the menu mentioned, on roasted bone marrow. Very nice. I was looking forward to just the flavours from the squid ink and the bone marrow and this delivered. On top of that, the bread had great charcoal grill flavour going on. 

Short rib katsu was kinda bland. Menu mentioned moist but it wasn't. Totally needed the sauce on the side to make it work. Didn't know what the sauce was but it tasted pretty good - there was mustard in it. Burnt onion puree was light, sweet and green-y. Not much bacon to be found on the dish. Napa cabbage was sweet and tender. As a dish, it didn't feel like it held up together.

Chocolate pappardelle - menu said braised beef, beef jus, sherry and parmesan. Not getting the cheese, not enough sherry to matter so I guess it was predominantly the beef jus that flavoured it. I was expecting a taste that was more robust but it simply didn't get there. The texture of the pappardelle was more hor fun than pappardelle. Soft and not much of bite.

Wasn't sure about the braised beef component of the dish. I tried to eat some and couldn't finish it because it was bland, dry and hard. Not beef that was braised for hours with the sauce for sure. It looked like meat that was diced frozen because it held the shape so well.

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