Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Re-savouring Saveur

Saveur, pasta

Saveur, foie gras

Saveur, chicken roulade

Saveur, duck confit

This Far East Plaza location for Saveur sure was convenient. The chances of them becoming out of mind from out of sight is so much lessened. Which was why I didn't wait 6 years just to revisit.

Here's a look at some of the stuff that they do. The duck confit which I had mentioned previously, the foie gras stuffed chicken roulade in that creamy Parmesan sauce on basmati rice and their pan roasted foie gras. Delicious and affordably so. This time round, I didn't get the picture of their mushroom soup which was actually rather nice too.

What really had me here was the pasta with sakura ebi and chives. I can understand why people talk about it and honestly, it was one of the more memorable plate of noodles I've had in some time. The texture was good and the savoury intensity was just great. I look forward to coming back for that again.

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