Thursday, March 12, 2015

More from Sumiya Charcoal Grill


We liked Sumiya. They have rather attractive lunch sets that's not too hard on the wallet and the place is casual. Food is decent to boot so we came back. I don't get the izakaya vibe of the place at all. For a self styled izakaya, a large portion of the menu Sumiya seems to be raw food. Not that it's bad, but it feels confused.

The above on ice is aburi-ed sashimi of tuna head. It's from the menu specially for tuna parts, not the regular one. It's indicated as something that's limited to three servings, I'm not sure if that's per table or per day. This stuff was really nice. The meat was tender and oily; almost akin to otoro. The flavours of the tuna were present, but delicate.

Those skewers are tuna diaphragm. Never had them before, so we ordered them out of curiosity. The texture was soft and slightly chewy and it tasted like....well, tuna. And I think they forgot to salt.

That's kani miso with little crab legs served in the shell. This stuff is awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. To be tried to understand.

So this is something new, possibly on a limited run since it's not on the regular menu. An amaebi and uni don. With a splash of shoyu, the seafood on the vinegared rice becomes extra magical. We've definitely had better prawns and sea urchin, but there's no point in comparison. This is what it is for what they charged. And it's definitely not mediocre in case anyone misunderstood.

Yep, didn't skip the bara kaisen don which many people seems to be ordering. For good reasons.

We got matcha flavoured mochi from the lunch sets today. Nice.

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