Sunday, March 15, 2015

Meatsmith, Telok Ayer Street

Meatsmith, telok ayer

I was intrigued by Meatsmith mostly because it's a new venture by Loh Lik Peng. And I must admit that the name did ring of a certain bent to the theme that would interest me. But expectations can be a bitch. While that name wasn't far off what they did, which was American Southern styled bbq and smokes, it wasn't quite what I had in mind for a joint call Meatsmith. I had expected more meat smithing and smithereens.

Meatsmith, chicken liver mousse

But there are certain attributes to the food that one can relate to this venture that seemed uniform to the previous. Refinement over rustic and the occasional trimmings would be a clear indications as part of what they do. Flavours as usual were up to the job. Take this chicken liver mousse with red pepper gelĂ©e and smoked salt. The French would just do the pate and trim the fancies. Not to digress, this was quite good. The mousse was rich, creamy and packing with that liver flavours, balanced off by some of the pretty pickled foliage by the side and freshly toasted bread.

Meatsmith, ham hock greens

This was called ham hock greens on the menu. It's a braise of sorts maybe, but I think could have passed off as stir fry. Of chunks of pork and rainbow chard. And something that tasted like mustard greens. Very nice.

Meatsmith, nashville fried chicken sandwich

That's the Nashville fried chicken sandwich. Nice, really nice spicy fried chicken flavouring. Would have liked it to be bigger since this was almost a slider portion. Somehow, the thought that subconsciously came to mind was Sarnies' chicken schnitzel. That had the volume satisfaction that this didn't. And isn't quantity sometimes a form of quality? 

Meatsmith, smoked brisket sandwich

Smoked beef brisket sandwich was not bad tasting too. But I had been thinking slices rather than bits of the brisket between buns.

Meatsmith, apple cinnamon cobbler

Dessert was apple and cinnamon cobbler with smoked vanilla ice cream. I'd come back just for this again.

Meatsmith, telok ayer

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