Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Putu mayam & appam at Changi Terminal 3

These putu mayam were one of my favourite breakfast treats from the time I was a kid. Back then, our exposure to Indian food were quite limited beyond roti prata. Mum wasn't adventurous. But she liked this and so we were introduced to them. As a kid, we didn't ask too many questions about the putu mayam we had. We never cared who made them or if they were made fresh. We just ate them and absorbed our own glee.

Today, we seem too careful about the origins of what we eat. Well, some of us anyway. Most of the putu mayam that are sold are factory made. Mass produced and packed into plastic bags. The only time they come out is when a stall selling them picks them out for someone's order. The ones here were different. Each order sees the dough freshly pressed through a sieve into stringy pile and steamed before being served. They tasted good.

This was the princess appam from the same stall. Appams are pancakes of fermented rice flour and coconut milk that's moist in the middle and crispy on the edges. This princess version seemed to be lacking in that sour tinge from the batter. However the edges were crispy with ghee. And in the middle is a beaten egg with a slice of melted cheese. Also eaten with grated coconut and sugar.

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