Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Potato Head Folk, Keong Saik Road

Much has already been said about Potato Head Folk (36 Keong Saik Road, tel : +65 6327 1939) so I'll save myself the parroting. If anything, these guys certainly knew how to market their presence sufficiently. Frankly, I was quite disappointed with the food.

I wanted to like their burgers which in my opinion were rather well constructed. My beef with their beef was their T.O.M. sauce, whatever that means. Quite liberally applied, it contested in flavours with their actually decent patty, cooked properly at medium rare. Maybe it was just me, but I certainly didn't like so much contention. I didn't even finish up.

Their naughty fries were passably decent. I'm not sure what went into that spice Bearnaise, but it didn't taste like Bearnaise. It was a little cheesy and packed a little heat. Actually quite tasty. But those fried shallots they used were those that came from plastic packets. Essentially almost flavourless. For the kind of prices this places charges, it'd not be unreasonable to expect freshly fried shallots. Really.

The lamb burger was okay. Nothing that I could complain over, but at this point, I've already formed the impression that their food is not for me. This was one meal that I walked away from unsatisfied.

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