Sunday, September 10, 2017

Breakfast at Ghim Moh Market

This be one of the rare breakfasts at Ghim Moh Market (20 Ghim Moh Road).

I was initially bemoaning about how stingy Ghim Moh Chwee Kueh (锦茂李老三)(#01-54) was with their chai por. It was only after a first bite of those steamed rice cakes that I realized that their chai por was very salty. Any more would have been too much. The chwee kueh was not bad though.

Grabbed a royal thosai from Heavens (#01-26). Yes, it's called royal thosai. Royal because it's their masala thosai with onions, egg, cheese and butter. What one could reasonably consider, the works. I haven't had these local variety of the Indian pancakes for a while and found. This had a more crisp texture because it was thinner and didn't seem to have any of the sour.

Heavens also has a princess appam. It's their appam with the works. One that comes with egg and cheese and butter. Yum.

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