Monday, September 18, 2017

Paste, Gaysorn Village, Bangkok

Bangkok, Paste, Gaysorn Village

Paste is a progressive/modern Thai restaurant located at Gaysorn Village (3rd Floor, Gaysorn, 999 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini,  Bangkok 10330, tel : +66 2 656 1003). Our first progressive Thai food restaurant experience in all our trips here, run by husband and wife chefs Jason Bailey and Bee Satongun

Bangkok, Paste, restaurant

The food can be described as exploratory and experimental to some extents, making use of locally gathered ingredients that used to be a big part of Thai cuisine in the past but have fallen out of use for some reasons in this era. 

What Paste is doing with their food is to re-introduce those ingredients (many herbs and edible flowers) into traditional/aristocratic/provincial dishes while keeping the core flavour profiles of those dishes intact and recognizable.

Bangkok, Paste, bael juice

We had a welcome drink of bael juice.

Bangkok, Paste, ginger margarita
Patrón Silver tequila, orange liquor, homemade ginger lime syrup & lemongrass powder
And sipped on some ginger margarita while waiting for the food.

Bangkok, Paste, amuse bouche
amuse bouche
Then came amuse bouche of some pretty looking prawn toasts.

Bangkok, Paste, watermelon ground salmon salad
watermelon & ground salmon with crispy shallots, roasted galangal powder
This starter was outstanding. The ground salmon tasted like a sweet and salty fish floss, paired with a chilled sweetness of watermelon balls and umami brine from the pearls of ikura. Excellent with white rice.

Bangkok, Paste, coconut soup
coconut cream soup of galangal, chicken with chilli jam & premium plankton paste
Their coconut soup was a rendition of tom kha gai. These guys have a hydraulic coconut press in the kitchen so any milk required can be freshly extracted. Flavour was awesome just like I had imagined with some creamy richness from the coconut and loads of tanginess. The chicken was rolled into cylinders like a roulade and I think they had some coconut meat in them. Not sure where was the plankton paste though.

Bangkok, Paste, stir fry fiddlehead ferns
Shan minority group stir fry of salted and cured pork, fiddlehead fern, turmeric, dried fish & fermented soya beans
This dish of stir fried pork and fiddlehead ferns was new for us. I'm getting a load of savoury, umami flavours with some heat and a lot of crunchy textures from the vegetables and nutty things. Not forgetting a nice aroma from the fermented beans. Those salted pork they mentioned tasted like sausages.

Bangkok, Paste, rice
rice, the only normal thing we had
With all those delicious saucy flavours, it would be a crime if we didn't get some white rice to go along. 

Bangkok, Paste, pomelo salad carabinero prawns
pomelo salad of char-grilled Carabinero prawns from Spain, Asian citron, homemade-chilli jam and gapi khoei plankton paste
The flavour bombs continued with their pomelo salad with Carabinero prawns. Paste's elevated and kickass rendition of yum som o. That chilli jam and plankton paste was so good that we would have wanted to lick them off the plate. And yes, those prawns provided a toasty crustacean flavour to the salad, along with a bit of tomalley richness. 

Bangkok, Paste, shitake mushroom white chocolate parfait
Shitake mushroom white chocolate parfait , with lychee sorbet, chocolate truffles and Thai nectarine
Dessert was some shitake mushroom chocolate parfait. Not really getting the mushroom flavour but the lychee sorbet was awesome. The sorbet was rich and sticky with lychee flavours and bits of meat from the fruit. Maybe a request for individual servings of that sorbet the next time if they still have them.

Bangkok, Paste, chocolate truffle
chocolate truffle with Thai rum
Some mignardises in the form of chocolate truffles, rum-mified.

Bangkok, Paste, coffee

And an espresso to help ward against the post lunch coma.

Bangkok, Paste, coffee

Though I don't think it's going to help much.

Bangkok, Paste, Gaysorn

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