Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Provence, Gaysorn Village, Bangkok

Bangkok, Provence, Gaysorn Village

We stumbled upon Provence at the basement of Gaysorn Village (999 Phloen Chit Rd, Bangkok 10330, tel : +66 2 656 1438). I suppose it was simply a stroke of good fortune since we did intend to visit them at The Peninsular. Having found this location simply saved us some walking under the sweltering heat.

Bangkok, Provence, cha yen

Sipped on cha yen while waiting for the food to arrive. 

Bangkok, Provence, chive dumplings

We liked their chive dumplings previously so we had an order of them. These tasted exactly like how they did at The Peninsular. I wonder if they're made from a central kitchen. 

Bangkok, Provence, boat noodles

What we were really looking forward to was their special boat noodles. The one that was regular sized and not in the tiny portions that are commonly found around Bangkok.

Bangkok, Provence, boat noodle broth

I don't know if we had imagined it but we though the broth at The Peninsular was thicker - richer. Today's broth had some lime in it. But this was still good that we asked for refills which the restaurant obliged. It was then we realized that the person that did our refills was the lady that offered us refills back at the The Peninsular a couple of years back.

Bangkok, Provence, kor moo yang

We had kor moo yang- grilled pork neck with glutinous rice. The chilli dip on the side was pretty good.

Bangkok, Provence, khao soi duck confit

What was outstanding was a northern Thai khao soi with duck confit. The coconut-y curry was elevated after a squeeze of lime and a handful of chopped onions. In case you didn't know, this dish was served with noodles two ways - boiled egg noodles at the bottom while the ones on top were fried.

Bangkok, Provence, dessert trolley

The gracious host of the restaurant pushed their dessert cart over and we couldn't say no.

Bangkok, Provence, mango lavender ice cream

So we ended up with some sweet mango and lavender ice cream. A very satisfying sweet ending.

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