Friday, September 08, 2017

Sanma shioyaki from Kuro Maguro

Kuro Maguro, sanma shioyaki

Here's more grilled sanma, this time from Kuro Maguro. It was one of the seasonal items off the regular menu that had been described as pike. Little had I known that it was Pacific saury - also known as mackerel pike. With the fish in season, I guess that made sense. I seem to be developing a taste for these and fate it seems is steering things my way.

Kuro Maguro, sanma shioyaki

How was that? Presentation aside, the main difference between this and the recent one from Nakajima Suisan was that the fish here seemed to have been gutted and cleaned of innards. So while it was equally tasty, this lacked that bittersweet portions which are a characteristic of such fishes. The skin was also heavily salted to the point that it had to be eaten with rice. Fish was done in the broiler rather than a grill. Not forgetting that it was also more than twice the price of the fish at Nakajima Suisan. In comparison, it's kinda pricey.

Kuro Maguro, Guoco Tower

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