Monday, September 04, 2017

Blue Jasmine, Park Hotel Farrer Park

Blue Jasmine, Park Hotel Farrer Park

If there's anything we excel in, it's in taking affordable food from any culture, dressing it up and driving them upmarket. Blue Jasmine (Level 5, Park Hotel Farrer Park, 10 Farrer Park Station Road, tel : +65 6824 8851) serves Thai food. Southern and perhaps a bit of Central Thai that wouldn't be out of place in the streets that's all dressed up for a nice restaurant and prices to match. 

Blue Jasmine, stingray

We ordered a curry stingray. It's a tamarind curry with a pretty robust flavour of fish sauce and a nice tangy heat. Unfortunately that stingray didn't taste like it was fresh meat. The texture was odd and certain parts even tasted like there was ammonia. That from what I understand either means the seafood is past it's prime or just simply bad preparation.

Blue Jasmine, yum mamuang

They serve a passable yum mamuang, or also commonly referred to as Thai mango salad.  Not bad, but nothing that'll leave me dreaming about coming back.

Blue Jasmine, crab curry

What's outstanding was their crab curry. Curry that was rich in coconut and nicely flavoured with the crustacean.

There was a buffet going on in the restaurant with a small spread. It's not a hundred percent Thai there but their pandan chiffon cake was nice with their pandan mousse. There's a live station where some Thai dude was making crisp pan fried seafood pancake with shrimps and squids. That was delicious. There's pretty good mango sticky rice too. 

I'm kinda torn about how I feel about this place. The stingray was a dud, which was not acceptable. But the restaurant was not entirely without redemptive qualities. Also at prices like these, I'm happier eating at Sawadee Thai or Gin Kao.

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