Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Nara Thai Cuisine, Siam Paragon

We had intended to visit Nara this trip and as chance would have it, we stumbled upon the restaurant at Siam Paragon (G/F Siam Paragon Shopping Centre, 991 Rama I Road). Saved us a walk down to Central World.

Bangkok, Nara Thai Cuisine, larb tord

We ordered a bunch of stuff which we've never tried previously. Like some surprisingly delicious larb tord. The menu described them as Northeastern spicy fried pork balls. These were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. They tasted a lot better than they looked and they didn't look bad at all.

Bangkok, Nara Thai Cuisine, cowslip creepers

In the interest of a balanced diet, some cowslip creeper flowers stir fried in oyster sauce for greens. This was quite tasty.

Bangkok, Nara Thai Cuisine, coconut rice

There was coconut rice on the menu. We ordered a serving to see if it tasted like nasi lemak. It did, except that it wasn't salted at all.

Bangkok, Nara Thai Cuisine, butterfly pea rice

That's their khao pad samunprai - butterfly pea fried rice with some herbs. There were peppercorn and lemon grass and that mild flavour from the butterfly pea which I don't know how to describe. This had more flavour than I thought.

Bangkok, Nara Thai Cuisine, spring rolls

Their spring rolls in tamarind sauce was okay. But it was also the weakest link for this meal. There was pork and bean sprouts in them. The sauce wasn't as vibrant as I had imagined.


Back in T&K Seafood we had a same dish of steamed sea bass in chilli lime sauce. This one doesn't seem to have garlic. Seems a relatively common dish but it's just our second time. The heat and lime was as tasty as the previous one that I even overlooked some of that coriander flavour in the broth.

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