Monday, September 25, 2017

More eats at Tampopo

Been a little while since we were last at Tampopo.

Tampopo, sweet corn tempura

Sweet corn from Hokkaido was in season so we got ourselves some of them in tempura. These ones here were a lot tastier than the ones we had at Keria Japanese Restaurant not a couple of months back.

Tampopo, wafu steak

Tampopo's wafu steak has always been a welcomed sight. While we don't order it every single time we're here, we've had it enough times that it's possibly the most ordered beef item that we do.

Tampopo, beef potato croquette

Their beef and potato croquette was lacklustre. Not quite getting that beef.

Tampopo, negitoro don

While it can be argued that we have enjoyed their negitoro don, I think I've figured out what has changed. The negi is still there but there's not much toro anymore. The portions of the minced tuna have increased, but it's no longer so fatty. Once upon a time, it used to be good.

Tampopo, peach salad

White peach is in season and there's a chilled and refreshing salad on the menu currently which was delicious. Most of it because of the sweetness and aroma coming from the peach.

Tampopo, hon maguro don

Remember their hon maguro don at a good deal? It's still available.  

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