Thursday, September 21, 2017

Krua Apsorn, Samsen Road, Bangkok

Krua Apsorn, Samsen Road, Bangkok

We headed a bit further out for lunch this time to check out Krua Apsorn (503 Samsen Road, Wat Sam Phraya, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, tel : +66 2 241 8528, +66 2 668 8788). In spite of addresses that we could find online, there was a little trouble locating the actual place. 

Bangkok, Krua Apsorn, duck eggs

I don't remember the last time I had duck eggs apart from the salted variety. For some reasons, they aren't available back home. This was a dish of duck eggs and pork cartilage stewed in a sweet broth. The kind of sweet broth similar to the ones in kuey chup or Thai beef noodles, but sweeter and surprisingly, I liked it. And yes, those eggs do taste different from chicken eggs. There was more intensity to the yolk.

Bangkok, Krua Apsorn, crab omelette

One of the dishes that Krua Apsorn is known for is their crab omelette. It's not so similar to the one from Raan Jay Fai since there were more eggs than crab meat. But then again, it also wasn't half as expensive and probably no one makes crab omelette like Raan Jay Fai.

Bangkok, Krua Apsorn, crab omelette

There....still chunks of white meat to be seen in the egg. While I gather that this place wasn't the cheapest of eats around, something like this would probably cost a lot more back home.

Bangkok, Krua Apsorn, crab dip

We ordered something which was called crab dip on the menu. I have no idea what's the Thai name for this. There was quite a bit of coconut and plenty of minced pork along with pickled green chilli. Those onions added some sharpness to the richness. Which made this awesome with rice and very nice munching with the vegetables on the side.

Bangkok, Krua Apsorn, baby crabs

We fished out a couple of small crabs from the crab dip. They were too small to eat and left absolutely none of their flavour to the dip. But the dip was still delicious.

Bangkok, Krua Apsorn, stir fried crab

Another dish that the restaurant is known for - also proven by the number of orders of it from the neighbouring tables, was their stir fried crab with yellow chilli/pepper and long beans. It's not bad but I had been expecting more sweetness from the meat. The heat from this dish was commendable though.

Bangkok, Krua Apsorn, cowslip creepers

To add even more vegetables to lunch, stir fried cowslip creepers. Again. This time with some minced pork. We've taken a liking to this vegetable.

Bangkok, Krua Apsorn, rice

Of course we had rice. The plates served here were curiously heart shaped.

Bangkok, Krua Apsorn, coconut sorbet

And a pretty nice coconut sorbet to finish. Just the thing for the warm weather in the land of smiles.

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