Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sens, Raffles Holland V

Sens, kaisen chahan

It seems that on certain spectrums, there are some restaurants that are lacking of confidence with whom they are. Or perhaps I am mistaken and that these guys are simply inarticulate. With social media profile and website states next to nothing but meaningless marketing drivel about what they represent, it feels as though an effort is made to mask themselves behind anonymity while pretending to introduce themselves - at the risk of sounding much like the next restaurant.

We were here at Sens (#B1-12/13, Raffles Holland V, 118 Holland Avenue, tel : +65 6262 5618) for a meal. Food was pretty decent.

Sens, shishamo

Their grilled fishes were quite nicely done and there's a kaisen chahan that was unexpectedly peppery. The latter wasn't a bad thing.

Sens, sanma

I'm glad they didn't gut their sanma so that we could still enjoy those bitter sweet innards.

Sens, kinmedai yaki

Got ourselves a grilled kinmedai which had a flavour that reminded me of toasted shrimp or crab.

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