Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Zhao Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice (趙記海南鸡饭), Chinatown Food Centre

Zhao Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice (趙記海南鸡饭), brown rice kampong chicken rice

We noticed this chicken rice stall (#02-180 Chinatown Food Centre, 335 Smith Street) the previous times when we were around. What in particular got my attention were the amount of older folks that ordered from them. These guys drew a queue even before lunch time. Which prompted me to get a closer look to see what was different about them compared to the other chicken rice stalls in the food centre. 

They have brown chicken rice and also kampong chicken. I ordered a plate of kampong chicken 鸡尾 with their brown chicken rice and livers. Pretty good tasting actually. Liked how that regular chicken rice flavour has infused into the brown rice. Chilli was pretty lime-y. This is where I also got a little confused because the 鸡尾 that they gave me was the rear end of the chicken when I've been getting the thigh portion in the past.

Zhao Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice (趙記海南鸡饭), Chinatown Food Centre

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