Saturday, February 27, 2021

Revisiting Lao You Ji (老友記)

Lao You Ji, sambal fried rice

Tried Lao You Ji's sambal fried rice this time round. Not too bad methinks. There were bits of real char siew and little shrimps in it. Sambal had a bit of heat. 

Lao You Ji, fried prawns

We ordered their deep fried prawns (炸虾球) thinking it might be good. Was disappointed when they served the dish after seeing the horrifyingly thick batter. We ate the prawns after scraping those off. Some of the meat were tender while others were a little dried out. This put into perspective the type/quality of fried prawns which I've never given much thought to before and made me appreciate the rendition at Sin Hoi Sai so much more. This was a bad call.

Lao You Ji, steamed egg

That's steamed egg with chunks of century eggs and bits of salted egg yolk. A triple egg steamed egg dish if you would. For some reasons, I was thinking that this might be like the one at Uncle Sim but I guess it just wasn't. Didn't taste bad but we also couldn't find anything outstanding about it.

Lao You Ji Seafood Restaurant, Outram Road

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