Friday, February 19, 2021

Revisiting Fei Ye Ye Food Tradition (肥爷爷)

Fei Ye Ye Food Tradition (肥爷爷), chicken claw char siew noodles

I've been wanting to come back and try something from Fei Ye Ye but have never gotten myself back in Chinatown Food Centre early enough. We did today. Since I wasn't a fan of their sui gao/shui jiao (水饺), I decided to try some 凤爪 with char siew. The braised chicken claws were passable. We've had better from other places. Char siew slices were kinda dry. Which meant that there wasn't any of their ingredients in particular that I've tried were anything that I could look forward to. Maybe they aren't worth the time in the queue considering that there's an overwhelming plethora of other options in Chinatown.

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