Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Revisiting Gin Khao

Gin Khao, One Raffles Place

It's been almost 5 years since we first/last ate at Gin Khao. The vibe of the restaurant seemed to have changed. To something a little more subdued. Quiet for a week night with what little energy left that hasn't been siphoned off by the neighbouring hotpot restaurants. Felt that way.

Gin Khao, tom kha gai

Wanted to try new dishes but couldn't resist getting the tom kha gai which I remembered liking from the previous time. Thankfully, it was still good with the clarity from the tanginess and coconut milk. 

Gin Khao, prawn cakes

Tried their prawn cakes. They were dryer than the recent ones we've had from Soi Thai Soi Nice and also less springy in texture. But the flavour from the minced bits of prawns were a bit more intense. Soi Thai Soi Nice's prawn cakes tasted a little more mousse-y. 

Gin Khao, kailan fermented beans chilli

We wanted to order their kang kong with fermented beans. They informed us they ran out of kang kong and offered to use kailan instead. It looked like oyster sauce kailan when it was served. We feedback and they said they would redo. The replacement serving looked similar. Turns out that it wasn't a fermented bean paste or sauce. Just a few fermented beans. Didn't have much of those flavour. Chilli padi made it good though.

Not a bad stir fried kailan to be fair. The dish just was not what we were thinking of. Pretty good eating with rice that's been ladled over with the broth from the tom kha gai.

Gin Khao, longan sweet and sour pork

Pretty sure this longan sweet and sour pork wasn't Thai. That's right - it's longan and not lychee. The longans were not part of the stir fry process. We knew because the pork was arm and the longans were chilled. The pork was nice though. Nicely deep fried before stir frying and the sauce reminded me of sweet and sour pork from days gone by.

Gin Khao, One Raffles Place

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