Monday, February 08, 2021

Re-revisiting Putien at Great World

Putien, rice

Dinner at Putien. Wanted to try another of their oyster dishes from the Oyster Festival before it was over.

Putien, seaweed oysters egg

So we ordered an seaweed oyster omelette made with their first harvest of seaweed. Pretty good.

Putien, braised bean curd chinese cabbage

This was their braised bean curd with Chinese cabbage. Looked a lot soupier than the menu picture suggested. Also pretty good. Beside their spongy bean curd and big leaves of tender cabbage, there were also strips of pork belly, bits of garlic and clams in the soup. Flavour was more complex because it wasn't just bean curd and cabbage.

Putien, sweet sour pork

I remember having had their lychee sweet and sour pork before. Did not remember them to be so tender though. Love those warm lychees.

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