Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Oyster Festival at Putien

Putien, oyster festival

We came to Putien for dinner as they were having their Oyster Festival. I think it's an annual event that they do when the oysters are in season. There'd be a bunch of oyster dishes that would be available. 

Putien, nature's goodness sweet corn juice

Ordered a couple of the juices we liked from them. Some vegetable/fruit one that goes by Nature's Goodness and their warm sweet corn juice.

Putien, seasoned oysters

We picked just a couple of those oyster dishes instead of more of them so that we wouldn't be oyster-ed out. This one was seasoned in salt and ginger. Very oyster-ly. Good for pairing with something else like rice or noodles.

Putien, cold pork trotter jelly

Chilled pork trotter jelly.

Putien, deep fried yellow croaker

Tried their deep fried yellow croaker for the first time. These were really nice. The skin was crispy and the meat was tender. Delicious in their house made chilli sauce. A killer combination if you had those with steamed rice.

Putien, braised luffa conpoy

Braised luffa was our obligatory greens.

Putien, pan fried oyster bee hoon

The second oyster dish we had was their pan fried oyster bee hoon. Oysters, egg and bee hoon. This was well done. While many would be tempted to eat this with Putien's chilli sauce, having them without allowed the light flavour of those oysters that were infused into the fine bee hoon to come through.

Putien, rice

Can we ever escape steamed rice?

Putien, chilli sauce

Or their lime-y house made chilli sauce?

Putien, kitchen

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